I <3 The Treasure House

I got this book there for a buck... it's by a guy who did alot of illustrations for The New Yorker and who invented SHREK... yes!

Very Cool.

While I'm on the topic of getting cool books in Southeast Texas for cheap I will say the best places for that are the following...

The Treasure House
Goodwill in the Gateway Shopping Center
and Red B4 Books (where you can trade a book for a book of the same genre)

Take that Barnes and Noble!

I must admit that I bemoan the fact that there is no where to go read books and hang out at night and read in Beaumont except B&N or Sertino's maybe.

I've day dreamed about that building with the wooden shingles that is next to I-10 and under the Laurel Street bridge being a "Book Bar" where creative types could have membership and share a large common library and drink soft and hard drinks into the wee hours of the night. It'd be a perfect oasis for poets and comic book lovers alike. Comfortable seating and it would have those tall bookshelves with those sliding ladders just for show!

Ah... my dreams.


Michelle "Rusty" Cate said...

If it was named "The Library" you could always say where you were and not have to lie.

Hillbilly said...

ah. very clever. I think it should be an awesome concept, dream, then, reality.

ShimonZ said...

yes, this would be the place to visit...