Discovering Diamonds

I've always loved the search for treasure. Don't you? As a kid, I used to take that seriously and looked at the ground when I walked. I wanted to find fossils or beautiful stones. I would dig holes a foot deep at recess.

Just about the time I out grew of that quest my family moved to Murfreesboro, Arkansas, where the only diamond mine in North America is open to the public for digging. It's really just a big field of dirt. Nothing that dramatic. Though there is a gentleman who is so good at finding them, he basically paid for his "retirement" by digging everyday for a few hours. That man's story is one thing that even brought my father to discover that quaint little town.

After that I found I had a penchant for stamp collecting, star gazing, tree climbing, letter writing, and horseback riding.

Recently it has occurred to me that people, while they are notorious for "not changing" actually change a lot during a life time... at least activities wise. I read on the "Unclutterer" blog that evidently it takes longer than 21 days to actually establish a habit. Most real changes I've under gone in the last year usually were the result of a fairly dramatic event that caused me interrupt my "regularly scheduled programing."

Anyways, since college I've gained some very useful experiences, but as of late I feel rather stagnant. I suppose all adulthood really is is when there are no more defaults to go to, no schools, no college, and just a big wide open canvas to paint a life on. Has anything really prepared me for such freedom? I thought I ached for it so. Now I feel so overwhelmed it is rather hard to find a place to start... discovering myself.

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