James Abbott McNeill Whistler... more than just a 'Mother.

I've been photographing the art collection at the Art Museum of Southeast Texas since Fall 2006 and I've had the privilege of seeing some amazing work up close and personal... most notably, the collection of Whistler prints.  Most folks think of Whistler for his iconic painting of his "mother" which is actually originally titled "Arrangement in Grey and Black"

But he not just a painter but also a print-maker and produced some really amazing etchings of everyday life, with very nice compositions as well.  These prints are extremely detailed. I had to shoot and double shoot to make sure we could get super high quality shots of these prints, most of which are printed at or larger than life scale in the book. AHHH the details in these etchings are so amazing... here's a little taste.  If you'd like a copy of the book, it's in softcover format for 15 dollars and and hardback for 25 a the museum store...


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