Haiti in my Heart

Back in 2000 I went on a mission trip to Haiti. I was only 17 and the trip made a huge impression on me. I've always wanted to go back and now, well, my heart aches for these people. As soon as I found out about the earthquake I needed to know... were the people I met there at the Hospital in Pignon ok? It appears that the major damage was in the capital but I discovered the head doctor, Dr. Guy Theodore, had been planing to run as a candidate for the Haitian Presidency 2010... but he is most certainly in the highest demand as a doctor now.

During the trip I had shot film, and it was one of the first times I remember "trying to make good photos" really as a conscious effort. Here's one I thought wasn't good at the time (because I cropped the bike tire) but have realized is pretty strong after all. I'll scan my photos now and I want to raise some money to send to Promise For Haiti. It's a well respected and established organization that has been bringing doctors and medical supplies to the mountain and valley areas of Haiti for over 20 years.

Many of the people I met were lovely humans just trapped in a hopelessly poor place. While I was there the project we worked on was cleaning a building that had been turned into storage, into a place that could be used as a hospitality house for people to stay while their loved ones were in the hospital.

Please tell me if you're interested in buying a print. (Of any of my work really, not just the Haiti pics) I will send all proceeds to Promise For Haiti Or just click here and give directly to them!
They are an organization I fully trust to get the aid to where it needs to go.

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