Loves the Dark

So the other day a co-worker asked me "do you watch or listen to anything that isn't sad or dark?"
I had recommended the film "There Will Be Blood" to her as well as the book "Into the Wild"
I guess I can safely say, yeah well, pretty much "No" if it's not dramatically intriguing, philosophical, or artful... what's the point?

Which reminds me of another question a fellow photo student asked my professor "Why can things be too sweet and cute but never too dark or mysterious?"

Hum, I donno. Perhaps bright and light things are too obvious and thus not as interesting? They seem shallow, but lets admit it, all living things need light, and I've been in some pretty dark moods the last year, might be time to start watching Mary Poppins or something. God knows I don't need any more help in being paranoid or worried.

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