Baby Doll/ Feminist Dilemma

Found this photo in Central Texas not far from Waco, with I believe German writing on the back.  The symmetry and mimicry really caught my eye. The girl on the right looks "old" at first glance but looking closer it's probably she's probably just a little older than the one on the left.  They are probably both just learning their roles as future mothers, caregivers.  I'm sure they grew up to be hardworking and knew how to multitask with a baby on one hip. Personally, I know the post modern woman in me has a stuck up attitude about motherhood, but the other side of me is a bit curious and even a little jealous of role that would be not as fragmented as mothering in today's world. As women used to be EXPECTED to not work, now we are EXPECTED to work a nine to five as well as wear the mother/wife hat at some point. While men, generally speaking, flounder, trying to figure out why women even need them...  Oh how did I ruin a charming picture with my rant?

Oh, antique photo, please direct me to the way to a more natural life?

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