Why this week I think JPG magazine SUCKS

Ok, so maybe they've had a good run, a few pretty pictures etc. The concept was genius, get a lot of wanna be famous photogs to give you free rights to their images to be published in a magazine. Get big name companies to pay for ads in said magazine. I bought into it for a while even had a subscription once.

But today was the email newsletter that broke the proverbial camel's back.

Polaroids have never done ALL that well on JPG mag, there has been a couple themes and what not relating to them but over all it's a lonely world, full of digital photographers out there. We film lovers know that, but to see a photo in a newsletter sent to thousands of people that promotes the work of a photographer as such:

"Majlo's use of color, composition, and everything Polaroid makes his images stand out from the crowd! Check out his profile page to see how he makes stunning images photographing the little things in life."

Go Ahead, get it over with and click on the blue links so you know what I'm talking about...

First off, Majlo probably doesn't even own a Polaroid camera.
To me, these are clearly digital manips. Decent ones but still obvious to anyone who knows what a real Polaroid looks like. This offends me and probably anyone who works with Polaroids on even a semi serious level, who knows what it takes, trial and error and many mess ups, to make an image work. My ratio is about 1 out of a pack of 10 will be something I'm proud of. I'm not really mad at Majlo actually, he is TRYING to look cool, he doesn't claim himself that the images are Polaroid even but I doubt they are what he says either. It's probably the nit wit at JPG who chose to feature him and go by a glance to recommend him to us all as a Polaroid photographer.

So what did I do?  I made a report in a stupid tattle tail sort of way to JPG mag, and then on second thought, I deleted my account.  I really want nothing to do with a magazine who can't even hire trained eyes to write their newsletters. They don't deserve the rights to my images.

Soap Box officially over. I might be an art snob, but I'm an art snob who doesn't trust ignorant people or liars.

Now for REAL ART I will look at someone my friend, Shimon Z recommended to me: Andre Kertesz

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