So Spring is bringing about a series of changes in my life. Some things coming to a close, reviving old friendships and generally snapping out of my old ways of thinking.  It's a joyous but fairly stressful thing... all this change and activity that is the bursting forth of Spring.  I think I need a nap now... One on a veranda with some ice tea please. : D

Even my bird was molting and coming into some new feathers and shedding others.
She gets a bit cranky while it's happening as well... but now she's back to her sweet self.

Photo by Beth Rankin

Last week was one full of activity for me:  I witnessed fire twirling in Vidor, old friends in Beaumont, and interesting groupings appear at my house party which was mint themed.  I rode my bike quite a bit and had it tuned up.  I also enjoyed some very good music by a local band called Jack and Ultrasuede. They are bluesy and rock/country with amazing talent and they are very tight, I feel super lucky to have them living and playing locally they really blow my mind each and every one of them.

The one of the highlights of my week was canoeing on Village Creek in the Big Thicket on Sunday.  It was not an easy trip but it was very rewarding and challenging in a fun way.  We had to avoid underwater obstacles constantly and though the water flows slowly there it was still tricky how fast they would sneak up on you. Many trees fallen across the river and low water caused us to have to drag the canoe often.

With all that said, there was the quiet of nature that I'd not experienced in a long time.  No sounds of cars, just birds and breeze and water and conversation with friends.  The feeling of white sand between my toes was unbeatable.  I'm not in the Caribbean folks, I'm just 30 minutes from home in Southeast Texas no less... why didn't I know about this?  I don't have any photos of this place that I took but here's a link to see what I'm talking about. It's kinda crazy.

I saw a friend with a full canoe of camping gear, safely steer his canoe with his three children with him.  It was sort of a small Noah's Ark.  I'm not sure how he did it.  I'm finding I really love the ability to propel myself across a landscape on bike or canoe without an engine.  It's odd how we think everything has to be by car, here in Texas.  It's a big place, really spread out, but there is something truly elegant about being able to physically transport yourself on your own energy with simple mechanics.  Yes.

All for now. <3 Rusty

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