It's just all in Spring Weekend...

-Tea, Breakfast, Chats (I'm grateful when I can wake early enough to enjoy this calm part of the day considering all the fast paced things the rest of the day)

-Southeast Texas Art Museum, Free Family Arts Day -600 attended despite the Marathon blocking all traffic down town. (Marathon that was sadly botched but had so many people excited, perhaps it was worth it... I just feel bad for folks that were trying to qualify for the Boston)

-Bike ride to Orthodox "Mediterranean Festival"
met with friends, a backgammon game, Arabic coffee, gyros, baklava, traditional dancing
(I always enjoy the Orthodox, they seem, a more connected to their roots and traditions, but over all more laid back sort of group, I mean they served wine and beer and sold hookahs there) 

-Then we continued the theme of Eastern and visited the local Hookah bar on College Street, Jerusalem Hookah Cafe for hummus, salads, smoke, mint tea, conversation and relaxing.

-After getting ready for evening, we went to Artist Darrel Troppy's art studio *gasps with delight*
Serious, state of the art studio, luscious art works that remind me of the gorgeousness of shells found wet on the beach, but that's just me waxing poetic. (haha, oh he also does encaustic and we discovered we shared a love of the stone, Labradorite.)

- Then to the Art Studio, Inc. show and finally to the Log- On Cafe to see "ultrasuede" again.
*SHEW* what a full day!

(much calmer)
-Breakfast of grilled apples and pancakes
-Lazily folding laundry, watching foreign films with room mate around the house.
-Preparing for evening concert at The Warehouse Live in Houston, Dr. Dog and Deertick.
-Sipping on Maker's Mark on Ice, my new poison of choice lately.
-Getting Home, always gather my friends, even if they did over do it a bit. Heh.

Ok, I'm sort of sorry if you read all that. I really just don't want to forget the lovely time I had.
As they say, time flies when you're having fun.

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