Jaunt to My Old Haunts... Hot Springs, Arkansas

Literally a perfect porch and swing Hot Springs, Arkansas.
I'm taking notes as to what I want in a house eventually!

I grew up in Arkansas, as such, I took for granted a certain level of natural beauty and peace.
This weekend I visited in a whirl wind trip of just 2.5 days.  I saw friends, made new ones, noted changes, and saw the old places with new eyes.

This place is built into a hill, which is a wise idea, when you're any where near tornado country.  It's only a mile from down town, after passing a park and near a state park of forest.  A small zoo was near by and I could hear everything from turkeys gobbling to wolves howling at times. People retire here from all over the place, it's cheap to live, but unfortunately hard to make a living in Arkansas. 

 Perfect Porch had steps up to the second story and trees down below, so the porch appeared to be basically "in the trees" which I really like. This one in view is a Dogwood.  The place was surrounded by walk ways so one could really just walk around barefoot if they desired.  There was a small Schnauzer named Jezebel who took a liking to me and so I took her on a walk or two. Also an orange cat who had a smokey eye and a funny tail warmed up to me, although she didn't usually come out for days, she took right to me... that's special I feel like. I don't know.

A new friend, Marcus, a connoisseur of many things, food, and antiques, introduced me to "strangled eggs"... something between fried and scrambled.  I ate amazingly well.  I and now I'm back...the whole trip being way too short and I'm kicking myself for not having bought a digital camera that is pocket sized yet...most the beauty is etched on my mind... I want to share it with you.

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