Another Amazing Weekend Trip with Beth

Started off meeting Couchsurfers at a Pub to watch the World Cup... they greeted us with beers in hand... it was a packed out place and very sweaty, here's an oddly quiet toned shot considering all the excitement of the place... her hair says it all.


This is the sort of enthusiasim I'm talking about.


This was followed by a feirce hunger in our bellies after the "Footbol" match was over. So we made our way to a Mexican place with 100 types of tequila which we didn't try, but did admire.  They had interesting art too, and good fish tacos.

cock fighting watercolor


We then wondered over to Sedition books (A free thinking/ anarchist book store)  where our host Renee' works... I got a book on bikes. (one day I'd like to not have a car... but i donno it might just seem romantic idealism)


Then we decided to see "SPACE in 3D"  at the Houston Natural Science Museum

Houston Natural Science Museum

Finally we made our way to the main event, a concert with MIRAH  at the ORANGE SHOW

The Orange Show is a folk art/visionary space created by a crazy local guy who wanted to make a mark in the world.  He sure left an impression on me.  The entire place was a maze of color and tiles, messages praising oranges and bits of wisdom.  The music by Mirah was also amazing.  She's from Isreal and she has a beautiful voice and wonderful stage presence.  It was a real treat to see her in a venue this cool and intimate. Beth did not lead me wrong. It was quite an experience. 








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