Camera Hat Man

A few weeks ago we were working with kids at the museum and I was caught off guard by their creativity.  The project was a simple one where we had them cut out paper dolls that had vintage clothes to teach them about the early 1900s.  One boy showed me his doll. He had put a large format camera with billows that was supposed to be an "accessory" to the man, but on his HEAD!  I immediately tried to explain to him, it was a camera and not a hat so it wasn't supposed to be on his head. He said "I know, I want it there."

I had to smile and shake my head and then I realized... oh my goodness, was I trying to quell this child's creativity?  I'm sure glad he was determined enough to tell me what's what! 

As silly as it was, I think it's charming and sort of insightful.  I mean, with us all walking around with iPhones and computers and cameras in our hands... installing them on or in our heads might not be too far off... and I don't mean as a simple fashion statement, but perhaps kinda silly still? Creative and Prophetic? Out of the mouth of babes.

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ShimonZ said...

Yes, this student had a good idea. The camera is sometimes interchangeable with the head.