Hopeful for the Pig Stand

I know I've written a little about "The Pig Stand" in the past on this blog.  It certainly has been a character in my life since living in this neighborhood for years. It's set actually in a space between downtown and a "historic district" so it's clearly played a huge role since it was built, particular when it was a regular place for people to eat almost any hour of the day...8am to 2am I believe were their normal hours...  Perhaps it's a sign that my town's heyday is really "over" since I only know of two other 24/7 restaurants in town.

But there is a group trying to support the preservation and restoration of the this mid century gem. Please check out www.saveourpig.com  for more info.  We've already felt the ups and downs of many of the people who have worked on this project before now... but we ultimately feel that if the people of our community stand together... the logical and truly most profitable thing will be to save her.

I took these photos recently of the current state of her exterior and interiors.

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ShimonZ said...

beautiful shots... looks like you're using a panorama camera these days...