Playlist #3 "Fun"

DJ P.J.  Does not lead us wrong with these selections circa 2007

Joe Cocker "You Can Leave Your Hat On"

Michael Jackson "Don't Stop"

Otis Redding "Tramp"

The Black Keys "Your Touch"

Cream "Spoonful"

Crazy Ivans "Dip it in the Chocolate"

No video of the local band and this song can be found online 
so we'll have to see if we can remedy that 
sometime soon.  At any rate, it rocks or it would not be on the list.
If you rather see it live you can keep you eyes peeled for them on 

T Rex "Mambo"

Ryan Adams "Wish You Would"

Cat Power "Free"

Grass "Dome"
While I can't find this one either here's a link to Grass' Funky Funky website

Led Zeppelin "Boogie with Stu"

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