"Let Us Cultivate Our Garden"

The subtitle of my blog right now refers to Candide. It's the last lines of the book, after the main character traveled the world, experiencing every sort of curse and blessing.  It's very good read, although a few centuries old. In a nutshell, it's about the end of assuming that God designed this place as "the best of all possible worlds" and the realization that chasing love or money will not bring happiness. Instead, a humble and diligent cultivation of what you have already may bring the most amount of peace possible to your life.


Speaking of gardening I actually planted a few seeds last night in my backyard.  I didn't do it traditionally, I didn't pull the weeds, or bring in fertilizer, or till.  I just outlined the area so it might not be mowed, and poked holes in the ground, put the seeds in, and watered it.  I sort of imagine that the strong ones will grow if they are meant to grow, because I am a very low maintenance about most everything I do. If it's not easy, it's likely I won't have the gumption to do it every day. I plan on watering these seeds every other day now at first and then I'll pull weeds away from the ones that take off eventually. The seeds cost me about 2 dollars for 8 types of plants.  I refuse to be someone paying 100 dollars for some pre-started plants, to have them die on me before they fruit.  I think there are too many people that have put 400 dollars into having a couple tomatoes that turn out. I'm sure there are plenty of people who think my plan may be foolish but we'll see what my 2 dollars plus water plan goes. I'd like to know more about gardening, but right now I'm looking for the most bang for my time and money. Here's a photo of a couchsurfer enjoying my back yard like I plan on enjoying it very soon.

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