Medium Format, Oh How I Miss You!

icecream float

I shot this about 3 year ago I believe. (yikes, that's crazy to think about.)
I just got this developed. Why the delay?
1. I wasn't sure if it was even worth developing as it might have been exposed to sun too much
2. The two places that I frequented that used to develop the medium format film both closed.  So getting this film processed suddenly was a big pain in the butt, requiring me to drive 40 mins to a city I really have no other need to visit except for it's museums and parks on a touristy mission.

I even had them mail me the film because I refuse to drive up there through some fairly scary road construction areas, with a small two lane space with shared with semi trucks and the like.
Rant/soap box over. I miss medium format film. but to pay 25 bucks for one shot to turn out to my satisfaction... i'm not sure if it's a great investment.

BUT.....There is something really beautiful about the vignetting the Holga camera creates though, and the colors film captured.  I might splurge and shoot some more eventually.

<3 <3 <3

It's like a sickness this addiction.  This is model is Laura, she's a musician, teacher, and mother. A very lovely woman inside and out. The location was "The Pig Stand" in Beaumont, Texas.

The Pig Stand was an original fast food joint that had been closed a few months prior to this shoot but the building still stands to this day.  It's a rather historic site, has been around since the late 1920s I believe.  It used to be the place for teens to cruise their cars pass on the "main drag" of Calder Avenue and eventually grab a bite to eat.  The served Blue Bell Ice Cream, Malted Shakes and other "greasy spoon" specialties late into the night. This is only more reason for me to be sentimental... but lets say, I'm eating healthier now.  haha.

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